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IT Consulting
IT Consulting & IT Support

Our experienced and friendly staff members are always ready to assist in everyday technical support, as well as long-term strategic planning. Our 24/7/365 monitoring will minimize technology failures and malfunctions. If a problem arises, our team will be there to offer a quick and reliable solution. If your company is already staffed with an in-house IT department, our consultants can provide advice and support to help your business run efficiently.

Managed Service Provider
Managed Service Provider

We provide complete server and network management to ensure your technology infrastructure is handled properly and set up with the right and updated equipment so your business can continue to move forward and remain competitive.

Cloud Services
Cloud Services & Virtualization

The cloud is becoming the preferred method of storage for businesses as it allows for important files to be accessed anywhere. Virtualizing in turn can increase a company's productivity, collaboration and communication. Our consultants can offer a variety of cloud-based solutions, as well as help with an easy transition.

IT Risk Analysis
IT Risk Analysis & IT Network Assessment

If it's true that the best offense is a good defense, knowing your system's security risks is important. With high quality technology, our IT experts can thoroughly analyze your current security and risk positions so your business can minimize threats and improve optimization.

Telecom Services
PBX & Telecom Services

If your phone system is also in need of an upgrade, our telecommunication division can provide your business with carrier services such as dial tone, internet, site-to-site technologies and hosted or on premise phone systems. With our partners at Avaya, Cisco and ShoreTel, we can supply your business with the best-in-class communication technology.

Web Design
Web Design & SEO Services

Our SEO Services will increase traffic to your website while our web design and marketing division will make it worth staying on. We can help create, manage and maintain your website, as well as implement an SEO marketing plan to ensure success.

Flat Rate Service
Flat Rate Service

Maintaining a budget is important so Stratosphere Networks offers a way to keep your monthly IT costs consistent. With our flat rate service, your IT budget will remain the same every month, giving you one monetary concern to worry about.

IT for Every Business Size

Small Businesses

As a small business, it can be more difficult to staff a full-time IT employee. With a smaller staff, you need everyone focusing on their actual tasks, not on technology issues. Because of that, more and more small businesses are choosing to outsource their IT services. Another concern for smaller business is using their budget more effectively. Stratosphere Networks offers flat rate plans, so you can make sure that your IT budget stays the same every month. While you focus on growing and maintaining your small business, let us take care of all of your IT needs.

Medium Sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses need the right technology to stay ahead of the competition. If you have an in-house IT staff, are they handling both the day-to-day on top of new projects? What happens if they get sick or a critical server crashes outside of regular business hours? Stratosphere Networks has many options that could fill in those holes. If you already have an outsourced staff, Stratosphere Networks will make sure you're getting the focus and attention you might not be with a larger IT shop, but with more resources and 24/7/365 monitoring that a small shop won't be able to offer.

Large Businesses

In a large business, it's likely that you already have an in-house staff. With the growth of your company or any special projects that come up, it can be overwhelming for any in-house staff, regardless of size. And the process of hiring an addition involves the task of finding the right individual, and then having to worry about management, benefits, vacation days, salary and turnover. That is why it makes sense for a large business to hire an IT company in addition to their in-house staff, and why more and more companies are choosing Stratosphere Networks.