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3 Considerations to Make Before Cloud Migration

By: Post on: November 20th, 2018 in IT Support, Managed Services, Technology Tips

Many businesses rely on proper data management for information that is both analytical and insightful. This information is useful in improving production and mapping out the future strategies the business should take. As businesses grow, so does it’s data volume. This growth becomes challenging to developers and IT staff as they try to find different ways of managing larger volumes of data. Moving this data across multiple applications can be costly too.

To minimize costs and reduce the data movement across multiple applications, many businesses are now migrating to the cloud.  With the data safely on the cloud, businesses can now concentrate more on taking their innovations to higher levels. If you are thinking of migrating to the cloud, below are a few considerations to make before making the switch.

Does switching to the cloud benefit the business?

New things are exciting, so you may want to migrate to the cloud because everyone else is switching and talking about saving costs. However, it is wrong to do so without knowing the other ways the migration will benefit your organization. You must learn everything you can about cloud computing services and how they house your data. Will your data be more secure in the cloud than it is in your data stores? Is it capable of accommodating your fluctuating workloads? Do you need to invest more software, servers and other equipment for the switch? How secure will your data be in the cloud?

Once you have the whole picture of how the switch can benefit you, make a list of what you want to accomplish. If the cloud feels much better than having your database assets within easy reach, then prepare to make the switch.

Which is the best provider to use?

Before the switch, consider having a service provider with 24/7 services even in times of disaster. Before you go hunting for a provider, put together a clear infrastructure of your business applications and needs. Go through all the providers and check out the one that will understand what best suits your business. Consider if you want to go with just one or several providers that can meet all your business needs. Some of the providers to consider are Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, IBM BlueMIX, and Microsoft Azure among others. Once you have identified your service provider, ask all the questions you need answers to.

Will your cloud be accessible on mobile phones?

Some of your employees may need to work from home. Others may need to work as they travel out and will need to access information at any given time. Not everyone may carry a laptop with them and not all will have a desktop in their homes. With smartphones doing just as much work nowadays, many may prefer accessing the information through their mobile phones. You may also want to use your business PBX for carrying out various business applications.

When you are considering your provider, ask if it will route any information needed to the mobile devices. If they cannot, look for cloud PBX that will cater to all your business needs. Find out about the costs so you can budget and if there is a need to upgrade your phones.

Wrapping it up

Cloud migration comes with many benefits that offer opportunities for the improvement of many businesses. It is cost effective and you can be sure that your data will be secure at all times. It is, however, necessary to investigate the need to make the switch and make a good evolution of how it will benefit the needs of your business. Treat cloud migration like any other new technology and weigh your options.

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