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5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch This Fall

By: Post on: November 1st, 2018 in Uncategorized

Cybersecurity continues to play an integral role in the company environment. That’s no surprise, as data management and reliance of IT services mean there’s increased need to protect crucial information. In the pursuit to combat the latest threats, the cybersecurity realm is always evolving.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some big trends to keep an eye this fall.

1 – The Dangers of Ransomware

Continuing to wreak havoc on unprepared businesses, ransomware maintains its status as one of the most dangerous forms of malware to get hit by. In part, this is caused by the complexity of the software, and negligence on the user side.

While human error isn’t surprising to be the Achilles Heel in most cybersecurity formats, be aware of how ransomware is changing, and how it poses a threat to your infrastructure.

2 – AI

Artificial intelligence finds itself utilized in a lot of ways, and cybersecurity is no exception. Implemented to predict behaviors and create proactive responses to potential threats, AI is used by professionals across the industry.

This cuts down on clutter work (like false positives) and allows security teams to manage better-informed defenses against potential intrusions.

3 – International Dangers

Combat is fought on a different front, and it’s often in the digital format. While “troll factory” or an army of hackers sounds like something you’d find in a terrible movie, it’s a startling reality.

The exploitation of social media to spread disinformation is just one example of how cybersecurity has to change. Numerous instances of breaches have already occurred, even penetration attacks into actual infrastructure. Expect cybersecurity to evolve to meet the demands of protecting international systems against organized attacks.

4 – Phishing Threats

Beyond ransomware, phishing is one of the most utilized, effective attacks against cybersecurity infrastructure. That’s because social engineering plays an enormous role in successfully compromising a system.

Additionally, lack of proper safety guidelines and human error are often the biggest threats to one’s own system. It doesn’t matter how much has been invested in your cybersecurity platform if someone accidentally leaks their login.

5 – Rise of Self Evaluation

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that penetration tests are extremely important when testing the integrity of cybersecurity procedures. Therefore, businesses are expected to increase emphasis on self-evaluation by utilizing tools such as DevOps. Conducting these tests will better prepare them for the various threats presented by modern attackers, while also revealing any weak points in their network.

It’s safe to say the world is growing increasingly reliant on connectivity, data, and IT based technologies. Therefore, cybercrime will continue to rise with it, along with the complexity of attacks. These attacks are costly, and often cause smaller businesses to go “belly up.”

In order to best protect your enterprise, be aware of the mentioned trends (and more) this fall. It pays to be prepared and understand what threats are most prevalent, along with how to stop them.

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