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4 Ways Managed Detection and Response Keep Your Data Secure

By: Post on: October 28th, 2016 in Managed Services


Small and mid-sized businesses are becoming more targeted by cyber criminals. Even more worryingly, many companies don’t consider themselves to be in any danger of hacking. Even if you are aware and have protective software, it may not be enough to fend off attacks that are increasingly complex and harder to detect.

You need a more sophisticated protection system, and a managing detection and response (MDR) service might just be what you’ve been looking for. An MDR monitors your entire system for malicious software such as malware, viruses, adware and worms and responds to attacks immediately upon discovery. This does sound like your normal antivirus security but it’s much more than that.  Most protection software will have an intrusion prevention program that monitors network traffic. An MDR goes a step further, adding an intrusion prevention element, acting preemptively to secure your corporate network. It leverages behavioral, reputational and signature-based capabilities to up the ante when it comes to cyber-attack detection.

Check out 4 ways managed detection and response can keep your Naperville business data secure:

Higher awareness of threats

Unless your organization can afford not only the top of the line security programs, but combine them with network anomaly detection and endpoint monitoring, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve covered more than a small part of potential threat detection.

Managed detection and response includes attack pattern and behavior-based protection, combining data sets such as bandwidth surges, location reputation and even the time of day to preempt hackers.  Port scanning and unusual protocols help to flag suspicious behaviors, and uses the latest information on threats against historical knowledge of your network traffic to identify breaches in your system.

Much higher levels of protection

The fact that a managed detection and response service constantly monitors your logs, networks and endpoint devices means that your exposure to attack decreases dramatically. An MDR uses IP range blocking known as geo-location blacklisting, tailored to your Naperville business needs. Custom rules and signatures that change frequently and whitelisting keeps you one step ahead, as do the regular vulnerability assessments carried out with internal and external penetration tests. On top of this, embedded micro-incident responses highlight abnormal patterns and behaviors, triggering a forensic level investigation.

Protocol compliance

The last thing you need when running your busy Naperville company is to have to worry about the extra work you need to do to make sure you’re meeting cybersecurity regulatory compliance standards for handling sensitive data. Having an MDR in place means that any potential harmful gaps in your security are exposed and dealt with, ensuring your standards remain high. The event logging, archiving and reporting support requirements are all automatically met using managed detection.

Use a vendor

Just like many other services, managed detection and response is available as an outsourced service. Running and monitoring a high end security system can be time consuming especially if action is needed to respond to threats found. Ideally, this requires a full time employee role.  Using a vendor means that you don’t have to find and train expert staff to do this which saves you that money and time spent. A service can also extend education on keeping secure to your existing employees and comes at a low fixed monthly cost.

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